Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Three Day Halloween

Toto…..we’re not in Kansas anymore!
IMG_4494Haley was “Dorothy” this year for Halloween. Although she has never seen The Wizard of Oz, and has no idea who Dorothy is, she chose her own outfit this year. While at Target, she gravitated towards the costume….it had to be the shoes! In fact, we had to hide them from her until Halloween because she kept wanting to wear them early.
We definitely got our money’s worth out of this years costume. We did Halloween celebrates on three different occasions last week. Needless to say, I am tired of red ruby slippers and attempts at braiding thin wispy hair!
Haley’s school had a Fall Festival with fun and games. She actually got in the bounce house, which I was super excited about!
IMG_4475 IMG_4481And what school party is complete without a cookie-filled classroom party. IMG_4516There was fruit on the plate, but she chose cookies instead, which lead to lots of lots of crazy crawling on the floor and she eventually lost the shoes.
IMG_4523IMG_4525Saturday night, our little hometown had a “Trick or Treat on the Square”. For such a rinky dink little town, there was quite a turn out. She was more interested in collecting fallen leaves and acorns than the free candy….that’s my girl!!!!


DSCF5174Sunday we went on a road trip to my BFF’s little boy’s 3rd B-day party. We totally intended on dressing up for his party, but it was too hot and hectic.
DSCF5182DSCF5193 IMG_4537 IMG_4545 Our last stop on the Halloween tour was to trick or treat in the neighborhood. Our original costume idea was for Haley to be Dorothy and Rhett (our German Shepherd) to be (and overgrown) Toto. Sadly, she (and me) were just worn out from the party and Rhett was being less than cooperative. We only made it to two houses….which was fine by me. I think we all were starting to come off our sugar high and getting grumpy….early bedtime for everyone!