Wednesday, June 29, 2011

100%, 80% of the time

Potty training boot camp is in full force in our household. I had feared that this process would be painful, long, and drawn out. But two weeks in, and Haley is 100% potty trained…..80% of the time. How is that possible, you ask? Well, conditions have to be just right. As long as her pants are off, the potty is within sight (as of now, it resides in the living room), and we are at home she is 100% potty trained. We are now working on wearing “big girl pants” aka, underwear, and learning how to pull them up and down. She is also not willing to even attempt using the potty at school. But the progress she has made is phenomenal!!! I was envisioning having to still be potty training a 5 or 7 year old, so I’m EXTACTIC that she is even trying.

Haley has been a busy bee so far this summer. She has already made one trip to the beach with my parents and brother.

We also went on a family field trip last weekend to South Mountain State Park. Haley really enjoyed playing and throwing rocks in the creek. I see lots of hiking and (in the WAY future) camping in our future.




Haley has been playing in our pool some too this summer. Some days she is more interested in “swimming” than others. I was able to convince her to use water wings one day and she thoroughly enjoyed that and was actually “swimming” on her own. Other days she just prefers to sit on the step and splash around.

And in case you missed it on Facebook, I put together this short video several weeks ago of Haley playing, doing things we weren’t sure if or when she would ever do. She continues to amaze us everyday!

The JSRDF conference is right around the corner. We made the decision this year for just me to go. It’s a huge expense for the entire family to go. This year’s conference is in Orlando. It would have been an opportunity to spend some time at Disney World, but after spending 4 days at conference, it was just going to be too much on all of us to spend quality time at Disney World. Plus the thoughts of walking around in the July heat was less than thrilling, when Haley and I both do not tolerate the heat very well! We will go back when we can spend more time there and make it worth while. I‘m sad that Haley won’t get to meet and play with the other kids.

And I just realized that four years ago today, I took that first pregnancy test that Will and I argued over the results. Remember this one?

I still don’t see how he could think this was not a positive test!!!! You see it right????!!!! Four years ago today, we embarked on one of the biggest journey’s of our lives. Little did I know on that day how my life would change.

And 4 years later, we are welcoming a new life into this world. My best friend had a beautiful baby girl this morning. Congrats, she is beautiful!

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