Monday, July 5, 2010

Haley’s Intro to Trail Running

Well, not actually trail “running” per se, but Will wanted to go trail running and I needed a “recovery day” after running 12 miles yesterday so I opted to hike with Haley in the back pack while Will ran.  We were a little hesitant and unsure of how Haley would tolerate the pack.  We have only used it a handful of times and the last time we tried to use it it was a big fat FAIL.  But we decided to be strong and try something new and push Haley a little bit past her comfort zone. 

As we suspected she initially rejected the idea, but we strapped her in anyway, gave her a fig newton and sang her favorite songs “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Wheels on the Bus” and she calmed down within a few minutes.  DSC01606 DSC01605Will took off and left us quickly and Haley was a little skeptical of the woods once it got a little darker and thicker.  I distracted her with more songs and asking her to play with my hair.  Pretty soon she started pointing to trees and grabbing at leaves. 

DSC01609  DSC01611We got to the Lake Trail and started finding some interesting things.  The geese got an enthusiastic “wow” from Haley and then a few “d, d, d” sounds…her version “duck”.  We also came across some frogs jumping in the lake and a man fishing.  She was starting to enjoy the ride. 


DSC01613 DSC01614

Then Haley finally snagged a leaf and was counting the points on it, she thought that was pretty funny. 

DSC01618 DSC01617But shortly after she began to get antsy and wanting out.  We made it about a mile and a half I’m guessing (about 30 minutes).  We are really happy that she enjoyed herself not knowing what to expect with out first nature outing.  Hopefully as she gets older we can instill in her a love for nature and one day turn her into a trail runner LOL. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Fun Outings

Haley and I met up with an old college bud of mine and her one year old daughter last week and went to the Discovery Place.  I loved the Discovery Place as a kid and thought Haley might be getting to an age where she would enjoy some of the exhibits.  We bought a membership from the Schiele Museum and it includes free admission to several other local museums. 

I packed up Haley’s walker hoping that this would give her more freedom to move around the museum instead of being strapped in the stroller.  I guess she equates the walker with therapy and she flat out refused to even consider using it.  This left me either pushing her in the stroller or walking her myself while holding her hands.  Thank goodness Andrea’s mom was with us and was able to be the stroller wrangler, thanks for your help!!!!!

The downstairs area is more nature type exhibits with aquariums and animal exhibits.  We tried to watch a little show in the rainforest theater, but it really like a rainforest in there, complete with high humidity and heat, and we just couldn’t hang with two toddlers in there.  Haley was very interested in the small fish aquariums, enjoying looking and trying to count the fish.  But dern it, they kept moving making it very difficult to count all the fishies :)  There was a small “touch and feel” tank.  She was mostly interested in playing in the water, not so much interested in touching the fish. 

35850_1533165408797_1224656804_2815677_7521668_n 33400_1533165008787_1224656804_2815674_3887519_n 34926_1533165048788_1224656804_2815675_6695109_n

Upstairs is geared more towards science and technology.  There are lots of hands on activities, a little over our little kiddos heads though.  Its very active and chaotic up there, and Haley enjoyed watching all the other kids play and run-a-muck.  I think in a few years she will really be into this part of the museum, but for now it a little too “old'” for her. 

I wish I had taken more pictures.  Well, actually I didn’t even take these few, Andrea’s mom was photog mostly.  We both had our hands full with our ADD children.  I told Andrea after the outing that I wished we could have spent more time talking and catching up, but I guess that is what happens when you have busy toddlers. 

I am starting to enjoy getting out and doing things like this with Haley.  The fact that she really seems interested in these types of things helps make up for the fact that it is a little more difficult for us to get around.  This non-independent walking stage is difficult to maneuver.  She wants to walk so badly but can’t, can use her walker but won’t, it make it physically stressful for me to try to do it when we are out alone.  We have to take a stroller but don’t have enough hands to walk her and push a stroller when she demands to be taken out.  Its all a learning process that we will navigate through together.