Monday, October 13, 2008


I had a rare free weekend off this past weekend, so we decided to go see Nana (Will's grandmother) and Grams (Will's mom) in Marion. While we were up there the Mountain Glory Festival was going on so we decided to walk around downtown Marion. Haley was so good, she really is a sweet little girl. She met all kinds of people, and she just smiled and enjoyed every minute of it. On our way home we stopped and picked out some pumpkins for Haley's first Halloween. I'm not sure what to do this Halloween. She will be too small, of course, to remember it and I have to work that night, so I will not get to enjoy dressing her up and taking her to see people. I haven't decided, I don't even know what to dress her as. So if I don't post dress up pictures of Halloween, don't be dissappointed......theres always next year right??? But here are some sort of Halloween-y pictures. (As always, there are more on Picasa and dropshots) Oh, and we officially have two teeth now, the bottom front two are coming in and they are SHARP!!!!!

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David said...

Wow!!!! how much you've grown in a couple of days! You & Rhett are sooo cute, can't wait to see you & those 2 teeth!
I love you...Mawmaw Smith