Monday, January 19, 2009

Long Time No Blog......

Haley wants to give a shout out to her Uncle Moo who's birthday was last Friday.

Sorry its been so long since I posted, but Haley and I were traveling nomads last week!!! Haley and I went to spend some time with my friends in Columbia. Logan (Meredith's little boy) and Haley got to play together.......some. I don't think Logan was too thrilled about Haley though. He's 14 months old and I think she is a little boring for him, and he certainly didn't like her playing with his toys. The rest of the time us mean mommies drug the kids around shopping all day. I wish I had gotten more pictures of Haley and Logan, but it was hard to get a good photo-op with those two. Logan is constantly on the go and hard to keep him still long enough for a picture

Then we spent the weekend at Sugar Mountain....Brrrrrrr!!!! We had gone with the intentions of skiing, but I guess Will and I are getting too old (and cheap!) to spend $170 on lift tickets to spend the day freezing out buns off. We have turned into fair weather skiers I guess. We had a good time though just bumming around.

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This Little Hen said...

I LOVE the last picture! Doing good with that new camera!