Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More appointments

sorry its been awhile since ive posted, ive been busy running haley to therapy while trying to work during the week. its a little overwhelming. so we had our occupational therapy evaluation yesterday. for those that dont know what OT is (the name has never made since to me....what is her occupation??) they work with fine motor skills, coordination, sensory skills, age appropriate activities etc. the therapist said that her fine motor skills are pretty much on target for her age, but her coordination skills and mimicking skills are a little delayed. she thinks it may have something to do with her vision. she may be having a hard time seeing what she is doing and putting it all together. so now we see OT once a week as well as PT once a week. she enjoys OT much more than PT. OT is more like playing, PT is more like working out. i guess shes like me, she doesnt like to work out!!!

we also have some appointments in march to see a pediatric neurologist and pediatric opthamologist. hopefully that will give us some answers as to what is going on with haley. but the waiting is killing me. but its normal to have to wait a while to see these specialists, they are always booked way in advance. so there is not much we can do except work with PT and OT in the meantime.

i would post some pics, but i honestly havent had time to play with the camera. but i promise once i get some pics i will post them.

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Leslie Ober said...

HUGS to you!! You guys have A LOT going on. I look forward to hearing/reading how Haley responds to these therapies. March 10th seems like forever, I'm sure. But it'll be here before you know it! :) Hang tight...and rest assured that you're doing everything you can for your precious little girl! She is a doll, by the way! :)