Friday, September 18, 2009

Another First.........

They seem to be coming more and more frequently lately. I think something is really starting to click with Haley. She is enjoying her increased movement and freedom. Today when she woke up from her nap, Grandma found her in her bed sitting up. Up until now, Haley has been unable to transition from one position to another. If you sit her down, she sits, if you lay her down, she lays. She has never been able to go from one position to another. So, much to our surprise, she was found sitting up playing in her bed without anyone helping her do so. Grandma left her that way for a little while because she was happy playing by herself, but when she went back to get her.....there she lay on her belly and was happy. And when she went back again....well you guessed it she was sitting up again. So it seems like its not a fluke thing, she really has figured out that she can control her own positioning. I can't wait to see her do it with my own eyes!!!

Also, against the advice of our PT, we went ahead and bought her a "toy" walker because we have hit a snag with insurance getting her real walker ordered (imagine that!!!!), and the loaner walker is kinda old and the wheels don't work right. She seemed to enjoy the one my mom and dad for her, and I feel like it helps her get a grasp of how she can make herself move without the help of others.....even if it is on wheels. So here is a short video of her running across their living room chasing the chihuahuas (if you look closely, she has their leash in her hand, I think she wanted to capture them). This was taken with a cell phone, so the quality is very bad, but you get the idea.

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Christina said...

Good job, I'm so happy to hear things are coming along!! Abby took her first steps last weekend. :)