Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time Flies……

……when you have a busy toddler.  I was just looking back at the blog and was appalled that I have not posted in 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s have come and gone.  Hopefully I will be more diligent this year in updating on Haley’s progress.

So, what has she been doing?  Her speech has really REALLY improved.  She is saying more and more words, some of them very clearly, and even saying some 2 word phrases.  Of course, true to toddler form, her favorite word is “no”, but she says a cute, high pitched “doh”.  Its cute for now, but I’m sure the cuteness will fad soon.  My mom got a really good video of her talking, but she is in the bathtub.  I had thought about posting it here, but then decided against it….too many creep-o’s out there.  Maybe I can get another video in a more modest setting LOL. 

Speaking of the bathroom area, we are trying to up the emphasis on potty training.  We take her to the potty every 2-3 hours to “try” to potty.  Sometimes she goes willingly, other times we have to bribe her with her favorite treat, mints.  She has not “produced” yet, but she is at least warming up to the routine.  I put “big girl panties” on her for the first time yesterday and she promptly peed in them.  At least I know she won’t tolerate being dirty.  She immediately whined and cried to be changed.

She is becoming more and more mobile.  We all totally think she could walk wherever she wants to, but either is too afraid to, or just chooses not to for some reason. 

Christmas was very fun this year.  I think she actually “got it” somewhat this year.  She knows who Santa is and that he brings presents.  Says ‘ho ho ho” every time she sees a Santa now.  Her big present was a train table, which she absolutely LOVES.  She could spend hours playing with it I think. 

For those of you that I did not manage to get Christmas cards out to, I apologize….just ran out of time…but here is our belated card from our family to yours:

Fullscreen capture 12222010 35243 PM.bmpWell, those are pretty much the highlights over the past two months.  I leave you with a few pictures….enjoy!

167368_1715055525254_1504175013_31752141_6694137_n IMG_4588