Wednesday, December 3, 2008

9 months old!!!

Where is the time going??? Haley is now 9 months old, what a big girl!!! She had her 9 month check up yesterday and now weighs 16 1/2 pounds and is 28 3/4 inches long, still long and lean. The doctor is still pretty pleased with her progress. She still isn't crawling or standing yet, but he said not to worry one bit about that. Some kids just aren't as motivated or are perfectly content to observe the world around them. Her fine motor skill are really good though. She can pick up things with her thumb and first finger (the pincher grasp), she can feed herself, and transfer objects from one hand to the other. In true Daddy's girl fashion, her first words were "da-da". She started saying that the day before Thanksgiving. She still calls me "bmmmmfffff", I guess that means Mama in her language. I think she is also trying to say "kitty", she squeaks something that sounds like "diddy" everytime she sees one of them. We are also finding that some of her favorite objects aren't toys at all. She has a strange fascination with keyboards, so we took an old one and ripped out the cord and gave it to her to play with. Do we have a future ITer?

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