Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Starting to Get the Hang of This

Walker.....check!!! Bearing weight.....check!! Able to take steps......check!! Holding on to the walker for dear life.....check!! Forward locomotion.......check!!! All systems go for take off!!!! I literally had goose bumps when I saw this today. Everyday at the end of PT,Beverly (Haley's therapist) lets Haley use her walker and walk back to the waiting room to me. Well today, Haley came out first and Beverly was not holding onto the walker like usual. She was taking steps with the walker without any help at all. We usually have to help push the walker forward while she takes steps. Haley is getting the first taste of independent movement with her walker. Here is a little video clip of her walking today(mostly unassisted, she still needs help with steering and sometimes slides backwards). It is still very scary to let completely go of the walker and every little wobble makes us jump and reach towards her, but she is walking!!!!!!


Kat said...

Woohoo for her! Mama get you some smaller pants!

Christina said...

Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

matthew. said...

Go Haley, Go!! That's the first I'd heard of this. AMAZING.

Nadine Phillips said...

Yipee!! How exciting for all of you!
(Just wait until you have to start jumping out of the way, so you don't get your toes run over!)

Keep it up, Haley! Perhaps you and Robby can have a race in Orlando!