Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meet Clyde....

Hi my name is Clyde.......

I want to introduce a new member of our family, his name is Clyde. Today is our anniversary and to celebrate we went to Charlotte yesterady and had a nice lunch, a massage and went shopping at SouthPark. Apparently, the Mecklenburg County Animal Shelter has an adoption drive on the first Saturday of each month and as we were leaving, I caught the sign for it out of the corner of my eye. Against my better judgement we went to look at the animals and the first dog I saw was this little fella and I just fell in love with him instantly. He is part German Shepherd and probably part lab, we're not sure. He was surrendered to the shelter by his previous owners because they could not afford to feed him, he was a pretty neglected little guy. When he was brought in they estimated him to be 4 months old and only 17 pounds, he could not even walk on his own feet because there was so much muscle wasting, he was walking on his knees. They thought his leg was broken because he wouldn't bear weight on his right rear leg, and he was full of fleas. He doesn't act like he was physcially abused thankfully. He is very social and not very timid. But needless to say, he has had a rough life. He was taken in by some wonderful foster parents who took great care of him and acclimated him to living with other dogs, they have 3 beagles as well. I just had to have him.

We had been considering getting another dog for a while now, we felt like Rhett would benefit having a companion and wanted to get one for him before he got too old to enjoy another dog. And Haley just loves dogs too. We just didn't know if we could handle another puppy right now with everything going on with Haley. He is probably close to 6 months old now, still a puppy, but doesn't need quite as much attention as a really young puppy. He was already house broken, crate trained, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, all thanks to his foster parents. And I could not imagine a dog much sweeter than this little guy, a real lap dog!!!

Rhett really seems to enjoy him so far. He is trying to establish his dominance of course, but not showing any agression towards him at all. We kept Clyde in a crate last night in our bedroom and he slept through the night. But Rhett would not go to sleep, he kept walking over to the crate and watching him so I had to move Rhett's bed over in front of the crate so he would go to sleep, he seems very protective of Clyde already. They are already playing in the yard together like old pals. I'm sure Rhett will teach him many things.

Haley, of course, loves him. She just squeals when she sees him and wants to pet him. Clyde is very tolerant of her. She has been tugging on his tail and feet and he doesn't mind a bit. He is still a bit clumsy and I am afriad he may knock her over accidentally, so we keep the interactions short and very controlled.

The cats however, are not big fans of him yet. Parker has slapped and hissed at him several times. Baxter is curious but cautious with him. I'm sure they will come around eventually, but for now they are keeping their distance.

So, yep, we are crazy I guess. But I just felt like running into Clyde was fate and I had to have him. We have a small menagerie, and if its true that pets help increase your lifespan, then we should live to be 130!

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hey clyde nice to meet you