Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Fun

Where is the Summer going….honestly….its August already!!!!  Not that I’m complaining, I’m not a huge fan of the sweltering summer heat, but its just flying by.  It will be Christmas time before we know it!

We got her her first tricycle a few weeks ago.  She has moments when all she wants to do is ride, and others when she doesn’t want to look at it.  She LOVES to wear the helmet though.  I have actually had to resort to hiding it from her, otherwise she would never take it off!!! 

Daddy trying to convince her to rideIMG_4277

”Ok, this is where the feet go” IMG_4289

And we’re off!IMG_4292 

She is also starting to enjoy the swing set a little more. 



We’ve been going to the museum a lot.  She loves the fish!

IMG_4120 IMG_4121

Haley is doing FABULOUS.  She has a new speech therapist and I’m not sure if its just coincidence or if the new therapist is making the difference, but Haley is just making progress by leaps and bounds.  She is saying a handful of new words.  She doesn’t speak them clearly, but we understand them.  She is able to point to the correct numbers and letters when you ask her to identify them.  She is walking holding on with just one hand now and continues to take a couple independent steps every now and then.  It seems like she does something new everyday.

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