Thursday, March 8, 2012

Year 4

Wow! I really did let this blog fall off the face of the earth! Now I have to try and play catch-up!
So much has changed in the past 8 months! Haley just had her FIRST real birthday, being a Leap Day baby! It was nice to celebrate her birthday on her actual birthdate! We wanted to do something special for her birthday, so we had it at the Schiele Museum. It was the funnest party ever!




Its so hard to believe she is four years old now! Where do I begin??? Haley’s verbal communication is just blowing us away! I can’t keep up with how many words she can say now. We can have real conversations now, albeit short ones. Right now she is in the “why” stage. “why do dat”, “what do dat”, “whyyyyeeee”??? We are trying to be patient with it, but as parents of typical children also know, it can be so ANNOYING!!! We still have to play our fair share of charades and often its like interpreting a foreign language, but we (and she) are learning to function a little better with her often challenged communication. She can recite her ABCs, numbers up to 20, and has memorized the blessing
We took another beach trip. She enjoyed playing in the sand, but is still not interested in getting in the water…be it ocean or pool. We are SO hoping that she will swim this year!
Haley “played” soccer this fall. To say it was a complete disaster would be an accurate statement thru about 75% of the practices and games. Will was her team coach, and he really enjoyed that. I’m sure it was somewhat intimidating to her watching the other kids run, kick, jump, and be rambunctious. She did what she could, and spent the rest of the time watching from the sidelines. But we will try again next year, hopefully she will be more confident by then.
What she is really interested in is singing and dancing! This girl can shake her groove thing. We think she will be very musically inclined as she gets older.
She insisted she be a “PINK dog” this year for Halloween. Do you know how hard it was to find a PINK dog costume??? Harder than you think!
And for Christmas she, of course, wanted a BLUE dog….equally as hard to find!

Haley has been completely potty trained for several months now! We are so relieved to finally be out of diapers, although she still requires help getting her pants off and on and help onto the potty….I will take that any day over diapers! No more stinky diaper laundry!!!

Haley has lot of “boyfriends”. Is it starting already??!!

And of course she is still quite the camera ham!


Well, I know I just skimmed over the last several months. But this amazing little girl surprises us everyday. It is such a joy to watch her grow and change! Maybe I can do a better job of letting you all watch her grow by updating more often….we’ll see :)

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Anonymous said...

Haley is such a beautiful little girl. You must be so proud of her. I have a little boy who is nearly 3 who also has Joubert Syndrome. Please continue writing your blog. Haley gives me hope!