Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun at the Vet and Rolling Over

We had a pretty eventful day today. We made another trip to the vet with BOTH of the cats. I had my hands full! I carried Haley in the Bjorn carrier and the cats in their carriers, one in each was a sight!!!! Baxter, the smaller cat, has really taken to Haley and is very curious about her. He was pretty upset today at the vet and when they took him out of the cage, he headed straight for Haley and snuggled up next to her. His sister would protect him!!!!

In other news, we had an "almost" roll today. Well, not so much of a roll, but just gravity pulling her big ol noggin to the floor. I had her on her belly up on her elbows really good and next thing i know....thump, her head is on the floor and she is on her back screaming. Poor baby!!!! No worries, she recovered in about 2.3 seconds. So, we have our first official roll....whether or not it was her doing or just the force of gravity....we will never know!!!

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